Bioelectromagnetics: A Hot Topic with Cool Applications

Have you ever wondered how electromagnetic fields affect your body and health? Or how they can be used to diagnose and treat various diseases? If so, you are not alone. Bioelectromagnetics is a fascinating field of science that explores these questions and more. In this blogpost, I will give you an overview of what bioelectromagnetics is, why it matters, and what are some of the recent developments and applications in this area. So, buckle up and get ready for a journey into the world of bioelectromagnetics!

Recent Developments

There are a few books that I think are important to mention, because they contributed to our understanding of electromagnetic interactions among biological systems.

Leonard J. Ravitz – Electrodynamic Man (2002)

Imagine that you are surrounded by a dynamic and invisible force field that reflects your physical, mental and emotional state. A force field that can be measured, analyzed and influenced by external factors. A force field that is part of the cosmic order and harmony. This is not science fiction, but science fact. This is the electrodynamic man.

This is the main theme of the book Electrodynamic Man by Leonard J. Ravitz, who presents the evidence and implications of the electromagnetic fields of living systems, especially humans. He takes us on a journey of discovery, from the early experiments that revealed the existence and nature of these fields, to the latest applications and insights that they offer for health, disease, consciousness and paranormal phenomena.

He shows us that man is an electric organization, a coherent and complex system of information and energy that constantly renews itself. He asks us to consider what guides this process of renewal, what instructs the stem cells to differentiate and regenerate. He suggests that the answer lies in the electromagnetic field that surrounds and permeates our body, that carries the blueprint and the memory of our being.

He also shows us how we can measure and monitor these fields, using sensitive devices and electrodes that can detect potential changes in the milli- and microvolt range. He warns us, however, that there are no absolute reference points in any form of life, only motion and change. He explains that we have to choose a point of comparison every time we measure, and that we have to account for the variability and diversity of life.

He reveals to us that the variation in the fields often anticipates physical conditions, such as female ovulation, some forms of cancer or healing wounds. He also reveals that these fields change with moon phases, with vivid dreams, and with different psychological states, such as joy, excitement, anxiety, fear or rage. He demonstrates that remembering or even hypnotically recalling a certain event produces similar patterns in the field as when it was first experienced.

He also invites us to explore the mysteries and wonders of the electrodynamic man, such as the interaction and communication between different fields, the influence of the environment and the cosmos, and the possibility of paranormal phenomena, such as telepathy, clairvoyance and psychokinesis. He also shares with us his findings on the fields of plants and animals, and how they can predict their growth and yield potential.

What if you could see without glasses, just by remembering a time when you had perfect vision? What if you could detect cancer before it shows any symptoms, just by measuring your electric field? What if you could influence your mood and health, just by changing your field patterns? These are some of the amazing possibilities that the electrodynamic man offers.

This is what Ravitz and his colleagues discovered, through their experiments with human subjects in various states of consciousness, such as hypnosis, recall, dreaming and emotion. They found that the human electromagnetic field is not only a reflection, but also a cause of our physical and mental conditions. They found that the field changes with our memories, our feelings, our thoughts and our actions. And they found that these changes often precede the changes in our body and mind, sometimes by minutes, hours or even days.

They also found that the human electromagnetic field is unique, but also universal. It is unique, because it carries our individual signature, our history, our personality and our potential. It is universal, because it follows some common patterns, some laws of nature, that apply to all living beings, including plants and animals. For example, they found that the field has three stages of development: it increases in the first third of our life, it stabilizes in the second third, and it decreases in the last third.

They also found that the human electromagnetic field is measurable, but also variable. It is measurable, because it can be detected and recorded, using sensitive instruments and electrodes, that can capture the potential changes in the milli- and microvolt range. It is variable, because it fluctuates and adapts, depending on the internal and external factors, that affect our life and mind. For example, they found that the field strength ranges from around 60 mV for healthy subjects, to around 100-120 mV for mentally unstable subjects. They also found that good mood correlates with low readings, around 30 mV, while negative emotions correlate with high readings, above 50 mV.

The human electromagnetic field is a special kind of mirror, that can reveal and influence our state of being. It is a mirror that can show us what is hidden and what is coming. It is a mirror that can help us heal and grow. It is a mirror that can connect us with ourselves and with others. It is a mirror that can open our eyes to the wonders of the electrodynamic man.

Electrodynamic Man is a book that challenges us to rethink our view of ourselves and our place in the universe. It is a book that invites us to embrace our electric nature and to harness its potential for our well-being and happiness. It is a book that will enlighten and inspire you.

James L. Oschman – Energy Medicine: The Scientific Basis (2015)

This is a book that explores the science and practice of energy medicine, a form of healing that uses the natural energy fields of the human body. The book provides a deeper understanding of energy and energy flow in the human body, using well-established scientific research to document the presence, generation, and alteration of energy fields by disease, disorder, or injury. The book also covers topics such as bioelectromagnetics, acupuncture, reflexology, and energy therapies, and offers practical methods and techniques to enhance health and well-being through energy medicine.

The book’s uniqueness comes from its information density: it guides you from electromagnetics through biology to healing with easy-to-apply methods like grounding. Everything is backed with research papers and various publications and it also offers fascinating theories for the phenomena the scientific community doesn’t understand yet. It’s not an easy read, but I definitely recommend you to read it if you are into medicine and healing.

Biomagnetism and bioelectricity refer to measurable magnetic and electric fields generated by living organism; magnetobiology and electrobiology refer to the measurable effects of magnetic and electric fields on living things.
Biofields (biomagnetic and bioelectric fields) are not imaginary as many still think, we have now sensitive enough devices to detect and work with these fields. It is also proven that these fields are generated by the body and the physiological processes producing these in our heart, brain, muscles, retina and glands are also mapped.

The fascinating (and scary) fact is that our body reacts to very low level of energy and this energy can have profound effects on cell and tissue functions.
Technically speaking our cells have both a frequency-window and an amplitude-window. If the cells senses an energy wave within two particular frequencies (its frequency-window) and that wave is withing a particular amplitude range (its amplitude-window), the cell will recognize it as a valid information and will react to it.

It is crucial to understand that this means that all the external fields around us have the potential to modify our bodies inner processes. It can cause serious health problems (like WiFi, mobile phones, mobile towers, radio transmitters, microwave ovens, etc.) even if their amplitude (strength) is small.

On a lighter note, it also opens the gate to finally accept and research (mostly Eastern) health-improvement modalities, like acupuncture, homeopathy, aromatherapy, meditation or walking barefoot.

There are several interesting topics well researched in the book.

For example researchers started to measure the biomagnetic fields around the hands of trained energy therapists. To their surprise they could detect tiny, pulsating magnetic fields during the treatment. It’s frequency range and amplitude range must be a critical information as we saw earlier.

Also, detecting viral, bacterial infections or cancer is possible simply by looking at the fields around our body. This is possible because in any case of imbalance the cell membrane potentials and tissue conductance change.

Building on the results of these experiments there are so called PEMF (pulsating electromagnetic field) therapy devices on the market, that try to emulate those fields and they provably shorten the recovery from bone, nerve, skin, capillary and ligament damage. It was shown that PEMF devices are able to convert stalled healing processes to active repair, even after 40 years.

I really liked that the book helped me to form an elegant truth for the majority of the illnesses we suffer from: when something goes wrong (energetically or physically) we will have an inflammation. If our body is capable to fight of the inflammation we get healthy again. If not, then the situation can get worse, we develop a chronic disease even to a point when we get cancer.

The good thing about this, that it keeps open the possibility to reverse every illness if we include the energetic component in the healing process. Since even emotions can be detected in the energy fields around us, it’s no wonder that many believe that emotional trauma and abuse (or negative emotions in general) can cause health issues. That is probably true, we just haven’t mapped the exact cause-and-effect relationships yet.

Clinical experience has shown that rapid and spontaneous remissions can and do happen, even for the most advanced cancers or for the most catastrophic of injuries. The reverse of this is also true: if our skin gets broken or one of our organs gets injured it will distort our energy field. The distortion is measurable as injury potential.

It’s very probable that we humans have a built-in magnetic receptor and generator thanks to the material called melanin. This magnetic material (and semiconductor) is in the so-called Merkel cells that are scattered around our bodies with various densities.
This also means that our body can take in, store, release, conduct, and utilize various kind of energy and information.

Using resonance we are able to build devices to detect these energy exchanges and generate energy fields to manipulate the fields within our bodies. In order to do it right, we have to match the targeted cell/tissue/organ’s frequency- and amplitude-window.
To build a transmitter we would need an LC circuit, containing a coil (L) and a capacitor (C). The coil would have inductance and the capacitor have capacitance. Just like our circuit, living tissues have both, so our task is to match those values in order to send and receive information.

To efficiently transfer that energy as a wave, we need antennas on both ends. Metallic wires are good man-made antennas and DNA is a good biological antenna, so the communication can take place.
In an experiment with moths it was shown that pheromone molecules are actually molecular antennas that emit radio signals. Male moth attract the female by sending her radio signals.

If DNA is an antenna sensitive to a particular frequency then that’s very good news. Every bacteria, fungi, virus has a DNA other than our own, so applying the proper frequency to our body we could modify the pathogen’s behavior. According to Royal Raymond Rife we could even eliminate them remotely in a non-invasive way if we applied its M.O.R. frequency.
What would happen, if we couldn’t produce its M.O.R. with our devices because of their limited frequency range?
Charlene Boehm’s experiments with Lyme disease showed that using the desired frequency’s harmonics work as well.

There are several categorization attempts for the treatments themselves like Transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation (TENS), Microcurrent electrical neuromuscular stimulation (MENS) or Frequency specific microcurrent (FSM). My impression is that as we learn more and more about the effectiveness of these treatments, we will be able to find and isolate the right frequencies with the right amplitudes, so that if we apply it to the human body we can help heal itself faster.

For example FSM – the most modern of the three – uses various waveforms at specific frequencies between 0.1 Hz and 999 Hz using very low current (in the microampere range) on two separate channels and it’s proven that it is able to soften the tissues in the body, find the rigid spots or even modify someone’s mental state to a more relaxed one.

Muscle tension is particularly interesting because it can be connected to trauma, disease or injury. The question here remains open: does the frequency treatment affect only the physical muscles or does it also softens the original (often psychological) reason of that stiffness?

The mentioned devices work with electricity. Electricity and magnetism can be found hand-in-hand, if there are moving electrons, there is magnetic field as well. Currently is it more affordable to experiment with electronic devices, but the disadvantage of electrical measurements is the signal that is generated inside our body gets distorted and attenuated by our own bones, skin and tissues. Magnetic fields are not affected, so they would be much better way to look into our body’s workings.

There is a machine called SQUID (superconducting quantum interference device) that is able to detect the tiny magnetic field fluctuations around our body. If we have enough detectors we can even build a 3-dimensional image of this magnetic field.

There is another interesting concept in the book, the living matrix. This web of information-exchanging pathways is something similar to our vascular or lymph network but specialized for information transfer. This matrix guaranties that your body is a continuously interconnected system. The exsistance of this living matrix means that if you touch one part of a body you are interacting with the whole. All of the molecules consisting this matrix is a semiconductor. One interesting observation is that electrons flow through fibres and protons flow through water. The system as a whole has input channels that regulate tissue repair. This inputs are the acupuncture points and meridians, which are low resistance pathways. The communication on these lines happen as vibrations and these vibrations are also radiated to the environment.

Robert O. Becker discovered a very important reaction in our body. He has shown that very low level of electrical stimulation can cause differentiated cells to de-differentiate into cell that are able to replace a lost or damaged part. It looks like we have a mechanism that is able to remove a cell’s specialization and let that cell help in another part of our body by getting a new specialization there. Interestingly the body reacted on very small stimuli and it didn’t when used higher strength.

Another important aspect important for us is the measurement of the magnetic field changes around our body in different situations and conditions.
Our brains generate weak magnetic fields that has a strength in the 10e-12 Gauss range and our strongest generator is our heart with its 10e-6 Gauss range. These fields are difficult to measure properly, but the study completed by Dr. John Zimmerman proved that if an energy practitioner lets their hand measured during treatment it shows a frequency sweep between 8 Hz and 10 Hz with 10e-3 Gauss strength!
Interestingly when another group tried to replicate the findings in a totally shielded room they didn’t succeed. It could mean that the fields are not there after all, or the more likely reason is that the therapist needs some external source to be able to generate the magnetic fields from his hands. It is now theorized that the resonance of the Earth (the so called Schumann resonance) is the needed component and our pineal gland is also magnetic receiver.

There is also a very fast information exchange network in our bodies. Some of our cells are signal generators, some are receivers and some are both at the same time. How come that the signals are not “collapsing” all the time, so the communication still works when thousands of signals are present at any given moment? We now know that the shape, length and orientation of these sells will define their electromagnetic signature, the property describing how much energy it absorbs or reflects at a given frequency. This clever mechanism guaranties that the signals sent from one sell with a particular antenna will be able to communicate with another with similar antenna (shape, length, orientation) and all the other signals will be ignored. This is the physical representation of the frequency-window property if the cell we mentioned earlier. As if every cell had a built-in band-pass filter.
We use this phenomena with our spectrometers to determine chemical composition for example.

Unfortunately these signals can cause harm if they came from an external source and particularly if they came with great strength. For example the 60 Hz from the power lines enhance breast cancer cell proliferation if they are in the 2 milli-Gauss – 12 milli-Gauss range. There is an elevated risk of Alzheimer’s disease among those who are exposed to high electromagnetic fields.

Inflammations are important indicators that something isn’t right in the body. If they persist they very likely lead to the formation of various illnesses like acute or chronic pain, asthma, bowel disorders, arthritis, Alzheimer’s and many more. Inflammation is partly caused by highly reactive molecules, called free radicals. The good news is that there is a very simple technique that is able to “tunnel” these free radicals out of our body. This is called Earthing or grounding and to achieve the benefits you only need to walk barefoot on a wet ground. Your skin have a resistance which prevents the flow of the electrons, but if your feet becomes wet and there is no insulator (shoes and flip-flops are made from rubber) between the Earth and you then you can enjoy the benefits of grounding. You can artificially make connection to the Earth by using grounding products, but there are always some drawbacks and you need to be cautious when and where to apply them.

If you want to test if grounding works for you, you can have two tests: if you can check if your red blood cells are stuck together with a microscope, you will find, that after grounding they will be separated as they normally should be. The other method is using the fact that any inflammation emits heat, so if you have access to a sensitive infrared camera, you can see the change between before and after your let’s say 20 minute grounding session.

Aromatherapy and essential oils are interesting.
If you are testing a mix of them using a spectrometer and you know the electromagnetic profile of the components, you can tell how much of which it has in the mix. That’s because pure oils have a very specific profile (just like any homogeneous substance). This means that if you inhale or consume these strong oils you will add these frequencies to your body as well. Since they are so potent, you have to make sure that you use the right oil and the right dosage for any illnesses.
Theoretically these oils could absorb harmful frequencies and release beneficial ones. It sounds a little to good to be true, but there is a lot of room for research in this area.

Bryant A. Meyers – PEMF: The Fifth Element of Health (2013)

PEMF: The Fifth Element of Health is a book that introduces the concept and practice of pulsed electromagnetic field (PEMF) therapy, a form of energy medicine that uses the natural magnetic field of the earth to enhance health and well-being. The book explains why PEMF therapy is the fifth element of health, along with food, water, sunlight, and oxygen, and how it can supercharge your health like nothing else. The book also covers topics such as the history, science, and benefits of PEMF therapy, the different types and devices of PEMF therapy, and the practical methods and techniques to use PEMF therapy for various conditions and purposes. The book is a valuable resource for anyone interested in the science and practice of PEMF therapy, as well as for practitioners and students of energy medicine and complementary and alternative medicine.

According to this book using a PEMF machine like that for 8 minutes twice a day we can expect to improve ATP production, increase oxygenation, enhance circulation, promote hydration, facilitate detoxification and gain better overall absorption of nutrients.

To achieve the benefits it’s advised that we prepare our bodies for the treatment and choose the right machine. Most important preparation we can make is to drink plenty of clean water. Soft drinks, coffee, tea, alcohol helps dehydration so try to avoid them, especially before the treatment sessions.

The author discusses the importance of the air quality and air purifiers, the full spectrum light bulb, the benefits of having an infra sauna and the movement of 30 minutes per day.

One component that is more interesting from our viewpoint is the presence or absence of the electromagnetic pulsation of Earth. It’s known as the Schumann resonance and it’s a continuously detectable, slightly changing 7.83 Hz, 0.5 Gauss magnetic pulsation of our planet.

In an experiment done by Dr. Ruther Wever people were isolated from this signal in an underground bunker. People started to have emotional problems, they began feeling sick, experienced headaches, stress and depression. After the 7.83 Hz was artificially introduced to them, they started to feel better.

Similar experiments were done with mice. They put mice into a zero-field room (blocking all electromagnetic waves from the environment) for 4 months. They started to show pathological changes to their liver, kidney, bladder, their mood worsened, their sex drive reduced rapidly and they showed increased tumor formation.

It makes you think how dependent are we on different electromagnetic waves and how everything is built up of these waves (according to quantum theory). Homeopathy builds on this theory by referring to its agents as sources of different electromagnetic signature frequencies.

It’s already proven that in living systems long-range electromagnetic fields transmit messages between distant molecules so long as emissions and absorption spectra match.

It’s not impossible that that’s the reason why PEMF therapy, homeopathy, radionics, frequency specific therapies and flower essences/essential oils can have profound effects.

The subject gets even more interesting if we consider Dr. Bruce Lipton’s viewpoint: he thinks that our DNA changes during our lifetime by our beliefs, thoughts, perceptions, diet, water, air, and exposure to electromagnetic waves.

A connecting experiment was conducted on adopted children in families with history of cancer. The surprisingly discovery was that adopted children have the same probability as the natural born children to developer cancer! It looks like that somehow the attributes of the family as well predicts the chances of getting cancer.

It might sound too far fetched, but using the SQUID machine mentioned earlier we can new detect magnetic fields 3.5 meters (15 feet) from your body. We interact with each other even if we don’t say a word, there is no question about it. There is a flood of information around us about us and about our environment (including living entities and non-living objects).

Did you know that your skin is 4 weeks old? Your liver is 5 months old and bones are only a year. You get new rods and cones every 48 hours. Insane, right? As if we had a bio-energetic body which acts as a blueprint for the flow of information, energy and matter.

In order to let our body work perfectly we need an efficient oxygen delivering system. Normally if our red blood cells are not chunked together they can transfer the necessary oxygen anywhere its needed. Unfortunately most of us don’t lead a 100% healthy lifestyle, so we might need some help.

According to some easy-to-reproduce tests an 8-minute PEMF session significantly helps with separate red blood cells, making our internal delivery network more efficient again. This increases electroporation in the cells, allowing for better transport of oxygen, nutrients, and water into cells, along with easier removal of waste products, carbon dioxide and toxins out of the cells.

NASA made some tests and they also patented a PEMF device to enhance of healing of the astronauts. Their device uses low frequency (around 10 Hz) and low intensity (10-200 milliGauss) sawtooth or square-wave magnetic fields.

Other leading PEMF machines have several variations in the frequency and waveform, so the cells will not become fatigued and habituated.
It’s important to note here that devices that generate stronger fields are not necessary better. Our cells have both frequency- and intensity-windows, so the treatment must be within the right ranges regarding both the frequency and strength.

To our best knowledge we should use the frequency window of 0 Hz and 30 Hz and the intensity lower then 66 uT (micro-Teslas).

Magnetic fields (both static and dynamic) are non-invasive and since they pass through bone and all other tissues virtually unaltered, they can treat soft and hard tissue at he same time, such as nerve, skin, muscle and tendon.

So, if we want to summarize the 2000 double blind studies, what are the main proven benefits of PEMF treatments?

  • Stronger bones: you can prevent osteopenia and osteoporosis.
  • Less pain: you can increase your natural opiates, the endorphins with exercise, massage, yoga, deep breathing, deep sleep, low stress and PEMF.
  • Better sleep and relaxation, especially if your PEMF machine have a night time mode.
  • More energy: PEMF therapy helps the creation of both TMP and ATP. Electrons are manufactured in the body as ATP and when they are transformed to ADP that process releases the high-energy state electrons.
  • Better circulation: PEMF enhances the cardiovascular and respiratory systems in multiple ways.
  • Improved immunity: PEMF increases the voltage and the pH of the cells making the environment for viruses, bacteria and parasites unbearable.
  • Relaxation: certain PEMF machines have a relaxation function that let’s your body to get in sync with the generated magnetic fields so that you can relaxed deeper.
  • Nerve and tissue regeneration: PEMF not just dumpers the pain but also helps to heal, repair and regenerate tissue.

You can see how PEMF therapy is based on science and how it can eliminate pain and inflammation, enhance sleep and energy, and improve overall well-being. PEMF therapy is part of the future of energy medicine and the fifth element of health.

Konstantin Korotkov – The Energy of Consciousness (2014)

The Energy of Consciousness is a book that explores the concept of consciousness as a form of energy that can be measured, influenced, and transformed by various methods and technologies. The book presents the results of the author’s research on the bioelectrography method, which uses a special device called the Gas Discharge Visualization (GDV) camera to capture the electromagnetic emissions of living organisms and objects. The book claims that the GDV images reflect the state of consciousness, health, and emotions of the subjects, and that they can be used for diagnosis, therapy, and personal development. The book also discusses the applications of the bioelectrography method in various fields, such as medicine, psychology, ecology, art, and spirituality.

The author first rightly points out that really important new scientific ideas must force their way through, because the skeptic crowd who are not deeply familiar with the idea will first oppose it. It is so for a reason: we need to protect the knowledge what we collected so far and the new idea sometimes seemingly contradicts that.

The main problem is that some skeptics (usually to loudest ones) are not open to the idea of putting the effort into the reproduction of the phenomena. Sometimes it is because of the missing access to the materials or equipment, but other times is more due laziness. Criticizing something without the background work is easy, arrogant and a great threat to our scientific advancement.

Such a fairly new idea is EPI bioelectrography or Electrophotonic Imaging based on Gas Discharge Visualization (GDV) technique. Everything, living or not, are glowing is they are charged and discharged. The structure and intensity of this glow contains information about the monitored item. Interestingly enough this method is capable to distinguish the natural oils and the synthetic ones. Currently we can’t do that because their chemical contents are the same.

The currently available device measures the glow of our fingertips. From the presence or absence of the glow at particular angles of our fingers the computer estimates the state of our body. The glow also changes if you change your mental state: the experiments show that being nervous or totally relaxed in a meditative state generates different patterns.

This technology started from a couple called the Kirlians. They spent day and night investigating the different glow patterns of different materials and finally themselves. They started to accept patients and in 1974 they earned the “Honorary Inventors of the USSR” title. The expression “Kirlian effect” and “Kirlian photography” started to spread.

Quickly passing temporary functional disorders, wrong nutrition, emotional experiences, stress or even the effect of other people’s fields could be measured. If these negative state persists physical symptoms appear.

If we look the typical fingerprint glowing patterns of a healthy individual, we can see that those are even, looking like a solid protective field around the fingertips. Any deviation means functional disorder.

After significant data collection from healthy individuals the research team was able to build a health-index. As the author suggest, if you realize that your health index declines your best bet to try to fix the problem naturally, focus more on healthy lifestyle including meditation, pray and try to understand what is wrong in your life that needs your attention. Always remember that our life quality isn’t defined by the experiences we have, but how we handle them.

One another significant discovery recorded while cooperating with the Monroe Institute was that the time-dynamic analysis and FFT-transformation of these glow signals show a correlation to the binaural sounds played in the subjects ears. Researchers were looking for a similar correlation to the EEG without much success.

As a different approach they tried to influence water and check its glowing properties. The test subject without touching the water container concentrated on the intention to change the state of the water. After a minute, he signaled that it’s ready to be measured (again). The amplitude of the glow changed measurably. After repeating the experiment it can be considered proved that the energy level of water indeed can be changed by our willpower. This is huge, because since water is the basis of any biological system, if we can influence water then we can influence any other biological system.

We can learn from the book that prosperity and comfort doesn’t really help you live a healthier life, on the other hand religiousness and a pets do. 800 randomly selected patients in the US were put in an interesting situation: a group of nuns were instructed to pray for their health every day for a month. The control group was not prayed for. Although the sample wasn’t huge, those 800 were recovering statistically faster than the control.

The author’s research group started to measure the “glow-change” while they asked the subjects to think lovingly of someone else. A registered change in the field of the heart change within a few seconds. This and some other tests lead to the theory that the brain isn’t the originator of the thought but the receiver and heart-to-heart energy transfer is also a possibility.

We can arrive easily to a burning question: what is consciousness? Well, simply put: consciousness is the ability of a subject to react to the environmental information and change its behavior in accordance with this information.
High level of consciousness is the ability to generate ideas, which are not based on the existing level of social development and knowledge and which transforms society, moving it to the next level of civilization.

We would need to introduce consciousness into the scientific framework. To do that we might be able to use quantum electrodynamics. If we could find a way, we could open the door for the scientific methods to investigate now-exotic phenomena like distant healing, mediums or out-of-body experiences.

Around any biological object during its life a complicated picture of physical fields emerges. Their distribution in space and change in time provide the important biological information that can be used, in particular, in medical diagnosis.

We can say that the information field is a continuously changing shell that exists around a man, but depends not only on the person, but on everything around him. This information field is very sensitive to any changes in the environment and largely depends on the interaction with fields of the other people.

The hypothesis is that a group of people form an energy field, a new entity. In this entity all the fields get mixed up, often in chaotic ways. This might be the reason why masses go mad more easily and why creative individuals sometimes need to move away from the cities, from its collective consciousness, so that he/she can get away from the limitations of its field.

Somehow the world around us is structured and continuously self-organizing where consciousness exists. This rule seems to be much stronger than the second law of thermodynamics.

The author organized an interesting experiment. He invited a few psychics to a remote location for 2 weeks. After the first few days they could get relaxed and tune into the meditative atmosphere they had there.

At one of the test there was a metal box with a sensitive sensor into it, connected to an oscilloscope. The instructions were that the psychic should send love to the device. In the first 5 minutes nothing happened, but then suddenly the amplitude grew on the scope.

Having a conversation with the most successful psychic they discovered that he thinks of the device as it were an extension of this arm and he concentrates on it just as when he is doing energy healing for his patients. He controls the energy flow, and it seems that distance has nothing to do with its effectiveness as long as he can remain in the flow. Emotions can distract the process though, so his method is to keep away from emotions during the treatment/tests. This also suggests that emotions can affect even an electronic machine.

To try to catch this phenomena they placed people in love into two separate rooms. Sensors were connected to them, and they were asked to think of their partner. After replicating the surprising results more than 20 times, it became obvious that the “love pulse” is clearly detectable at the subject at the exact same moment the other send the emotion to them!

As it turns out a Stanford University professor William A. Tiller made similar experiments. I recommend you to check out his Institute for Psychoenergetic Science.

The author also has a product that it worth mentioning: the Bio-Well device that uses the GDV (Gas Discharge Visualization) method to make a diagnosis. You can find more information at

Dean Radin – Real Magic (2018)

Real Magic is a book that explores the evidence and implications of the existence of magic, or the ability to influence reality through intention, imagination, and will. The book argues that magic is not a supernatural phenomenon, but a natural and innate human ability that can be explained by the principles of quantum physics, psychology, and consciousness studies. The book presents the results of the author’s experiments and meta-analyses on various forms of magic, such as telepathy, clairvoyance, precognition, psychokinesis, and healing. The book also discusses the history, philosophy, and ethics of magic, and how it can be used for personal and social transformation.

Dean Radin is a chief scientist, an associated distinguished professor of integral and transpersonal psychology, a concert violinist and an electrical engineer. He is also author or coauthor of hundreds of scientific, technical and popular articles, dozens of book chapters and award winning and best selling books.

Real magic is about three categories of phenomena: mental influence of the physical world, perception of events distant ion space or time, and interactions with non-physical entities.

Scientists study consciousness from the outside in, typically by measuring the activity of the brain and body; meditators study consciousness from the inside out, by introspection.

Parapsychology involves the application of orthodox scientific and scholarly methods to a class of commonly reported but as yet poorly understood human experiences.

Natural magic evolved into science as refined methods and technologies were developed that allowed us to control natural forces (like electricity) and to perceive beyond the common senses (as with microscope). These technologies aren’t considered magic because their easy availability gives us faith that someone, somewhere (or, more likely, teams of specialists distributed around the globe) knows how they work.

The essence of magic boils down to the application of two ordinary mental skills: attention and intention. The strength of the magical outcome is modulated by four factors: belief, imagination, emotion, and clarity. That’s basically it.

There are some experiments that observe magic. One of these is the double slit experiment that is the demonstration of the observer effect. This effect refers to the fact that the light pattern produced by this apparatus differs depending on whether one knows (or can know, in principle) if the photons pass through the left slit of the right slit. If you know, then the pattern that the camera sees is what one would expect if the photons were acting like little particles. But if you don’t know, then the pattern looks like the photons were behaving like waves.
They found that the distance between the participants and the optical systems didn’t matter the average effects were the same, regardless of distance.

Random number generator (RNGs for short) are very simple electronic devices that generate zeros and ones continuously. In another experiment people tried to influence the output of these devices. The most successful participants reported that a subjective sense of resonance or “feeling at one” with the RNG was the key factor. Another was the paradoxical concept of “effortless striving”. This means you must absolutely want the desired outcome more than anything you’re ever desired – a passionate, obsessive, overwhelming desire – but at exactly the same time you must also maintain zero anxiety about it.

Of the different intentional strategies participants used in the RNG studies, the most successful in terms of their actual performance were, in decreasing order: resonance, then asking entities (spirits or angels) for assistance, using emotion to help “power” the will, one-pointed concentration, physical relaxation, visual imagery, and finally, talking to the RNG as though it was a sentient creature, much as children might talk to their teddy bears or as a car mechanic might talk to a misbehaving engine.

In another case coordinated by Professor Yung-Jong Shiah in Taiwan they found a photosensitive protein called cryptochrome. This protein plays an important role in many aspects of plant growth, including circadian rhythm, flowering time, and seed germination. Of interest to us was the fact that cryptochrome is found in both plants and humans, and that there is evidence that cryptochrome has quantum properties. Among other things, the quantum nature of this protein is thought to account for cryptochrome’s exquisite sensitivity to weak magnetic fields. Cryptochrome is found in the retina of certain birds, which apparently allows the birds to literally see the Earth’s magnetic lines of force.

As they wanted to test the impact of intention, they designed the following simple test: they bought bottled water (from the same company) and they asked monks to bless half of the water with the positive intention of accelerated growth. They had seeds of one particular plant and they watered them with blessed or non-blessed (control) water for a period of time. After they repeated the experiments 4 times, and increased the statistical significance of the results to 38 trillion to 1, the results were obvious.

This study showed that force of will produced objectively measurable changes in plant growth. Precisely how this works is not yet known. But this experiment and the earlier study involving chocolate suggest that blessing food and beverages does more than just provide a feel-good ritual. It may also add an intangible new spice: magic.

One of my favorite studies in the book is the “blessed tea” study by the same professor’s team. They cooked enough oolong tea for the 221 tea-drinker participants for a week. They halved the amount of the tea and asked 3 Buddhist monks to bless one half (labeled A) for 22 minutes. The other, non-blessed tea (labeled B) was kept in another room during the treatment.

The people participating in the study started to drink either the A or B tea for a week. They were also asked at the end if they think they got the blessed tea (A), or the control tea (B). All of them had to do a standardized test every day that scored their moods.

The results were very surprising: the mood of the people who believed that they are getting the untreated tea were not changed significantly, even if they get the blessed tea. The people who believed that they get the A-tea, felt better even if they got the non-blessed B-tea, and the last group, who thought they got A and got the A-tea felt even better!

The odds against chance for this comparison were a healthy 50,000 to 1. What this showed is consistent with the idea that belief modulates magical efficacy.


In this post, we have explored some recent developments in bioelectromagnetics, which is the study of how electromagnetic fields interact with biological entities.

Bioelectromagnetics is a fascinating and emerging field that has many implications for our health and well-being. I hope you enjoyed reading this post and learned something new.

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